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How to Grow Edamame, Shiso, and Japanese Cucumber from Seeds

Edamame, shiso, and Japanese cucumber are staples in Japanese summer meals. Sprinkle some salt on boiled edamame and enjoy it hot or chilled. Garnish your tofu with thinly sliced shiso for an extra punch. Dip your Japanese cucumber in Kewpie mayonnaise for a quick snack.

These vegetables are so versatile and super easy to grow yourself! Follow the following steps to start your own garden.

Step 1

Soak your seeds until they germinate. Tip: Seeds don't need to be completely submerged and you can place a paper towel under the seeds to prevent the seeds from moving around.

Edamame and Japanese cucumber seeds usually germinate within a few days and shiso seeds will take a bit longer, at least a week.

Step 2

Plant germinated seeds in nutrient rich soil. Tip: If you plan on planting your seeds outdoors, plant your seeds in a small or shallow container first and let sprouts establish before replanting them in the ground.

Step 3

Water your plants daily. Tip: On hot summer days, water your outdoor plants in the morning and evening when temperatures are a bit cooler. This way, your plants and soil have an opportunity to absorb the water before the summer heat evaporates the water.

Step 4

Harvest your vegetables! You can snap off the vegetables using your hands or you can use a pair of gardening or kitchen scissors to cut right above the vegetable. Tip: Japanese cucumber plants are climbing plants so they grow best with a support system. You can purchase a trellis or metal plant support from your local gardening store or you can get creative and up-cycle materials you already have!

Step 5

Wash your vegetables and enjoy a delicious summer meal! Join the #OishinboVeggieChallenge for your chance to win a $20 gift card.

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